The Talon Fighter is a vehicle that features in the 1980s toyline Masters of the Universe and the based on the toyline, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, produced by Filmation.


The Talon Fighter is a winged flying vehicle, which can carry two people on board, styled to resemble a bird of prey in flight. The vehicle is capable of acrobatic feats. Only He-Man possesses the strength and skill to control it. When needed it will obey He-Man's call for help and fly to his aid. When inactive the Fighter rests at Point Dread.


In the minicomic portrayals, the Talon Fighter is a powerful craft capable of swinging the tide of a battle. Point Dread is alternately carried by the Talon Fighter or magically appears under it when it lands, including on top of Castle Grayskull. In the comics, Point Dread was a place of power which only appeared every 20 years. It was also the place of Teela's creation. The sorceress moved it to Castle Grayskull, but Skeletor was able to recapture both the Talon Fighter and Point Dread using the Crystal of the Cavern. He used them to attack the royal palace but was out flown by He-Man, the Wind Raider and Zoar.


In the Filmation cartoon, the Talon Fighter is rarely used and is portrayed as an airplane. It has no special
Point Dread
powers and functions like the Wind Raider does in earlier episodes. The Wind Raider remains more popular in the series.


The toy was packaged as Frontier Outpost Point Dread and Flying Talon Fighter!. Point Dread was a one-room base with the same gray-green, rocky exterior as Castle Grayskull and a "perch" on top for the Talon Fighter. Point Dread's upper half could be removed and placed atop one of the towers of the Grayskull playset, allowing the Talon Fighter to rest atop Grayskull as shown in the minicomics. The Talon Fighter toy itself had a yellow-orange hull, a blue canopy and red-orange wings and "claw" landing gear. There was also a version of the toy on which a book-and record set was included, with one story on each side of a 7-inch vinyl record and a read-along storybook in comic format.

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