The Pool of Shadows is a location on Eternia that features in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


A notable gateway to the Forsaken Realm, the Pool of Shadows was a black pit that was a portal to horrors from another dimension. It was known that the only way for these creatures to arrive onto Eternia was if a sacrifice of a sentient being was made to them which would open the portal to allow them entry into the mortal world. Following Evil-Lyn's betrayal of Skeletor by freeing the Snakemen, Skeletor in his rage found a fitting punishment for her by intending to sacrifice her to the Pool of Shadows. Learning of this, The Faceless One quickly called upon the aid of He-Man by claiming it was an innocent who was to be sacrificed thus prompting the hero to arrive on the scene to thwart Skeletor's plan. In the resultant battle, the Pool of Shadows was destroyed before it could fully open the doorway into Eternia.


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