Prince Dakon is He-Man's childhood friend. When Geldor captures Torgul, the father of Dakon's fiancee Maran, Dakon escapes in search for help. The Heroic Warriors find Dakon in the Evergreen Forest, and he explains them that Geldor wants the Secret Liquid of Life, the secret for eternal life, and Torgul knows where it is.

The Heroic Warriors defeat Geldor's creatures and find Torgul, who explains that he told the liquid is buried in the Ogre's Cavern after believing Geldor had Maran captive.

He-Man and his friends reach the Ogre's Cavern, where Dakon finds and takes the Secret Liquid of Life, but Geldor arrives and shows he has captured Teela and Maran, and this time it's no illusion. He-Man seems to hand the liquid to Geldor, but instead drops it at his feet. It falls into a small plant that turns into a tree that carries and seemingly devours Geldor, while breaking through to the surface. Dakon decides he and Maran will be married beneath the tree and asks He-Man to be his best man.

Geldor's Masters of the Universe Classics bio reveals Dakon's kingdom to be named Vaderia, and Torgul being his Great Vizier.

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