Janice is the daughter to King Boreas and sister to Prince Esker. When the people of Morainia created energy crystals. Her father contacted Eternia wishing to give them to King Randor, unaware that he drew the attention of Skeletor. Randor sent Adam, Cringer and Orko to Morainia where they met Janice and her family while Skeletor and his force arrive to get the crystals. They were able to capture Janice father and told them they will only get the king back as soon as Skeletor get the Energy crystal.

Janice tries to talk to her brother but he rebuffed her as he talks to the council on what should be done. So she decides to save her father herself. Almost getting caught by Clawful before He-man saved her. She comes up with a strategy to save her father. Even revealing she discover King Boreas was being held in abandon mine with three entrances (With her deducing her father is held in 'The Cave of Mirrors'.

He-man, Orko and Cringer follow Janice plan and saved King Boreas. They then rushed back to the council and when he realized his plan was foiled, Skeletor and his forces flee. Both King Boreas and Prince Esker realized that Princess Janice's opinion are just as important as theirs.

A Trip to Morainia