Princess Rhea is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Princess Rhea of Operon is the animated counterpart of Princess Rana. The beautiful princess has flowing red hair and wears an outfit which resembles a white one-piece bathing suit with brown trim, along with brown boots and matching gauntlets.

Queen Balina sent Gargons to kidnap Princess Rhea so she could be held for ransom, but they failed due to He-Man's timely intervention. She was successfully captured while He-Man was being held prisoner in Targa after being hit by a falling tree and losing his memory, but He-Man and Garn became aware of Balina's ploy and confronted her. When Draka's magical earthquake created a flood that threatened to swallow the city, He-Man and Garn worked together to divert it. Garn became the new king of Targa for his achievement, and a grateful Princess Rhea gave He-Man a kiss on the cheek.



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