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The Princess of Power toyline was a spinoff of Mattel's successful Masters of the Universe franchise. The figures, aimed at a female market, emphasized real hair and clothing accessories, with He-Man's sister She-Ra as the primary character. Princess of Power launched in 1985 and ran concurrently with Masters of the Universe until 1987.

In the Filmation tie-in series She-Ra: Princess of Power, the Evil Horde and other Masters of the Universe characters are used as antagonists, with the heroic Princess of Power characters leading a Great Rebellion against them. However the toys themselves make no mention of this conflict or the two organizations, leaving Catra, Entrapta, Storm, and Clawdeen as the only villains for She-Ra to contend with.

Wave 1 (1985)

Great Rebellion Evil Horde
Fantastic Fashions
  • Ready in Red
  • Hold On To Your Hat
  • Flower Power
  • Deep Blue Secret
  • Fit To Be Tied
  • Flight Of Fancy
  • Veils Of Mystery
  • Rise & Shine
Gift Sets
  • Bow and Arrow
  • She-Ra and Swift Wind
  • Catra and Storm

Wave 2 (1986)

Great Rebellion Evil Horde
Fantastic Fashions
  • Blue Lightning
  • Colorful Secret
  • Frosty Fur
  • Heart Of Gold
  • Hidden Gold
  • Reflections In Red
  • Secret Messenger
  • Windy Jumper
Gift Sets
  • Defenders of Good (She-Ra, Perfuma, and Sweet Bee)
  • Peekablue & Cyrstal Moonbeam
  • Starburst She-Ra & Crystal Swift Wind
  • Sweet Bea & Crystal Sun Dancer
  • Scratchin' Sound Catra & Clawdeen

Wave 3 (1987)

Great Rebellion Evil Horde

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