Professor Tempus is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Professor Tempus was the lead Horde Scientist and worked at a research base at Small Oak on the planet Etheria. He developed a growth serum, but found Hordak had no use for it as he did not want a weapon that increased the size of members of the Great Rebellion. Therefore, the Scientist worked on a shrinking gas, which Catra ordered to be tested on She-Ra, Glimmer and Swift Wind when they came to investigate the research vacility.

Two Horde Troopers were equiped with gas tanks and special equipment to spray the gas on the Rebels. The Scientist himself was present, carrying a net to catch the tiny Rebels as well as a box in which to hold them. However, the effects of the shrinking gas did not take effect immediately, and the Rebels managed to escape.

Later, a 'Horde Inspector Kowl' (actually the Rebellious Bow in disguise) came to 'inspect' the Research base and questioned the Scientist about an anti-dote in case some members of Evil Horde might get exposed to the shrink gas by mistake. Professor Tempus pointed the 'Inspector' towards his rejected growth serum.

The Horde Scientist was also said to be responsible for creating artificial creatures held in the Slime Room inside the Fright Zone.


Professor Tempus has a human appearance, albeit with large, pointed ears, not unlike those of Prince Zed. It can be surmissed from this that the Scientist, like Zed hails from Horde Prime instead of Etheria. He also wears glasses, being a scientist.


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