Queen Elmora is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Queen Elmora is the very beautiful former ruler of Phantos, the Dark Moon of the planet Eternia, who eventually abdicated in favor of her brother King Barbo. During her rule, she successfully negotiated a treaty with the Bright Moon, Eternia's other moon. Phantos would have shipped Photanium to the Bright Moon in return for the Bright Moon colony building and maintaining a solar mirror that would have reflected light from the Eternian sun onto the Dark Moon.

Queen Elmora was once placed under a spell by Skeletor, who occupied Phantos to gain control of its Photanium supply. The spell made her appear old and haggard and bound her to Skeletor's will, though she retained a deep hatred of him. Skeletor further complicated matters by draping He-Man in illusions that made it impossible for Elmora to tell them apart. He-Man, however, reminded Elmora about her "Spin Magic," which bound the target in Photanium chains that only he could break. She used it on both He-Man and Skeletor, who released Elmora from his spell in return for He-Man releasing him from his chains.



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