Queen Sparkle is a character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Queen Sparkle is the Queen of the Twiggets on the planet Etheria and ruled over them together with her spouse, King Sprite.

The King and Queen of the Twiggets did not appear to live in the Whispering Woods, but in one of the other Twigget settlements. When Catra had her Horde Troopers capture the King and Queen, they forced their subjects to work on a Eclipse Beam in an Abandoned Twigget Village.

The King and Queen were locked up in a wagon made of wood with bars on its windows. But when Bow, cunningly disguised as an old wizard, distracted the Hordesemen with magic tricks, young Twigget Spunky released his King and Queen from captivity, and together they inspired the rest of the opressed Twiggets to Rebel against the Horde Troops.

They also helped to destroy the Eclipse Beam, which was being aimed at Castle Bright Moon, thereby gaining the gratitude of She-Ra, Princess of Power and Queen Angella of Bright Moon.


Queen Sparkle showed some jealousy when She-Ra wanted to kiss King Sprite on the cheek. The Queen immediately began threatening her husband with a rolling pin.



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