Queen Veena was the very beautiful wife of King Grayskull, and presumably the queen of his kingdom. Little is known about her, except that she was present during the events leading up to the Horde’s banishment. She apparently was a leading figure within the planetary government of Eternia established many centuries prior to her own time by King Jarod.

Like the woman later known as “Sorceress” to He-Man and his companions, Veena could transform into a falcon. It was while in this form that she first overheard Hordak’s plans for conquest. As quickly as she could, she returned to the home of King Grayskull and his advisors in order to alert them.

Despite her desire to protect her beloved, Veena started him on a quest that would eventually give him the means to defeat the forces of Eternia’s latest threat...sadly, as she expected, it would also prove to be his undoing.

With the Sword of Power once more in his possession, King Grayskull made a final stand at the gates of his home. After a terrible battle, in which he was mortally wounded, the king was able to exile the Horde to Despondos. As he lay on the barren ground dying, Veena rushed to his side. While in her arms, he expired. As she gave her husband a final kiss, his body vanished in a brilliant white glow, and his powers—perhaps his very essence—merged with the mighty Sword of Power.

Veena fashioned an ornate wooden box in which to store her husband’s blade, which she and the Council of Elders vowed to protect until a hero emerged who could claim it rightfully.

It is unknown what happened to Veena after that day.

Since King Grayskull is a known ancestor of Prince Adam, it can be reasonably assumed that Veena is as well. However, the identities of any children she may have had with the king remain unknown. It is also unknown what—if any—connection she may have to the later mystic guardians of the castle.  It is most likely her immediate successor as Sorceress of Castle Grayskull was Kuduk Ungol, and Veena's legacy was continued by Teela Na, Ungol's own sucessor.

Queen Veena and the Goddess

It is widely believed that Veena was a priestess and worshipper of Eternia's Goddess, and received her magical powers from the deity.

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