Rebel's Fair is an event from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Rebel's Fair to celebrate the start of the Great Rebellion was held at Castle Blackmoor. Queen Angella was one of the guests of honor. But being outside of the protection of Castle Bright Moon, Hordak saw his chance to kidnap Angella and crush the Rebellion.

The fair was described by the Red Knight as 'truly magnificent'. There was plenty of cakes and candy available at the fair while jugglers entertained the crowd.

The highlight of the fair was the so-called Rebels Run, a feat of endurance that had previously been won more than once by Bow. Other contestants were Frod, Gommoroth, Kristan and the Red Knight.

The Rebels Run consisted of an obstacle course. The first obstacle involved crossing a moat on a balance beam. At this part, Frod, Gommoroth and Kristan all fell in the water and lost their place.

The second obstacle was crossing a river on a log. Afterwards, a wall had to be climbed or, if the runner was capable, jumped. Finally the runners competed against each other to arrive back at the start of the course first.

The winner was crowned 'Champion of Bright Moon and received a medal from the Princess of Power herself, She-Ra.


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