Red-Eye is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Red-Eye is the cousin of Kowl. They are two of the last Kolians left on Etheria. But as the two of them have always been opposites, Red-Eye sought to join the Evil Horde after learning that his cousin was part of the Great Rebellion.

Although Hordak's first reaction was that Red-Eye would not be very useful to his cause, Shadow Weaver convinced him that she might be able to use Red-Eye to spy on Kowl. To make this spell work, first Red-Eye had to procure some feathers from his unsuspecting cousin.

Red-Eye got a bit overconfident and tried to kidnap Kowl, but his attempt was thwarted by Princess Adora. But he did manage to grab a few feathers from his cousin. Holding these in combination with Shadow Weaver's spell, made it possible to spy on Kowl. An image of what Kowl saw was visible above Red-Eye in the Fright Zone.

Later, Red-Eye managed to spy on Kowl without the help of Shadow Weaver, but in these cases he could only hear what Kowl and others in immediate vicinity were saying.

Even after She-Ra made Horde Prime's borrowed spaceship Monstron crash into a volcano in the Valley of the Lost, Red-Eye still expected to be rewarded for his work by becoming a Horse Force Captain. When Hordak reacted with anger, Red-Eye opted that he would also settle for the rank of lieutenant or even corporal.

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