Reign of the Monster is the 16th episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Skeletor visits the Torgs and King Von in their cave, promising to free their prince of destruction, Molkrom. In order to accomplish this feat, Skeletor needs the Staff of Avion, which is endowed with the same power of the Elders that imprisoned Molkrom. He kidnaps Stratos to steal the Staff of Avion and successfully frees Molkrom.

Skeletor orders Molkrom to trap He-Man and friends behind a stone wall before riding Molkrom like a steed to Castle Grayskull. There, Molkrom and the Sorceress battle with their powerful magic. Meanwhile. He-Man performs one of his classic punches to break down the stone wall, and appears at Castle Grayskull with a rope to restrain Molkrom. Teela finds where the Torgs are keeping the Staff of Avion so the heroes can imprison Molkrom in a crystal once more.
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Orko tells viewers to not eat any strange fruit they find, no matter how alluring, as it might be poisonous.

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  • Script was approved on January 26, 1983 and final script revision was finished on August 25, 1983.
  • The original title was "Reign of the Monster God", but censors did not allow the word god to be part of the title.
  • This is the only episode out of 130 in which Prince Adam does not appear. In this episode he is in He-Man form for the full duration.
  • Elements from this story were adapted into a mini-comic written by Michael Halperin and illustrated by Alfredo Alcala that came with several Masters of the Universe action figures titled Siege of Avion. In this version, Delora is Stratos' human wife instead of his sister and it is she who is kidnapped rather than Stratos. Further more, the Torgs are replaced by a race called Ilkorts and the monster Molkrom is replaced by the demon Haramesh.
  • In the original script, He-Man battled the Torg in the Talon Fighter instead of the Sky Sled. The Torgs used large walking machines instead of flying machines to attack Avalon and the Heroic Warriors battled Cavern Bats as well as the two Cavern Monsters.
  • The Cavern Monster's character model was reused as the Tracker in One for All.
  • Only Filmation appearance of Delora. Here she is depicted as the sister of Stratos, whereas in the mini-comic version of the same story, "Siege of Avalon", she is his human wife. A third version appeared in a storybook published by Ladybird titled "Wings of Doom". Here Delora is both married to Stratos and a member of his species, the Avionians.
  • The character of King Von was designed by Gerald Forton.
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