Revenge of the Snake Men is the title of a Masters of the Universe minicomic. It was packaged with Blast-Attak, Snake Face and Sssqueeze. The story was written by Phil White and the art was drawn by Chris Carlson.


Heroic Warriors
Extendar, The Sorceress, Prince Adam/He-Man, King Randor (cameo)
Snake Men
King Hiss, Snake Face, Sssqueeze, Rattlor, Blast-Attak, unidentified Snake Man


King Hiss uses the power of Viper Tower to bring forth two more of his Snake Men: Snake Face and Tanglor (Sssqueeze). King Hiss sends the Snake Men alongside his latest invention, Blast-Attak, a walking time-bomb, to kidnap Queen Marlena as a bargaining chip to King Randor. Blast-Attak will blow any obstacule and the Snake Men will complete the mission while Blast-Attak pulls himself together.

Queen Marlena is visiting Grayskull Tower, accompanied by her son Adam and Extendar. The Sorceress tells them that she has been studying its art treasures and magic secrets. Blast-Attak blows a door away and the Snake Men enter. Adam sends Marlena and the Sorceress to hide while he and Extendar face the Snake Men, but Snake Face turns them into stone. Then Blast-Attak blows away the door for the hiding place of the Sorceress and Marlena, but they find the queen alone. Snake Face turns her into stone to bring her to Viper Tower.

The Power Sword turns Adam back to normal, so he becomes He-Man and uses the sword to restore Extendar too. They find the queen safe and sound, so she wasn't the statue the Snake Men took away. He-Man goes to Viper Tower and turns "queen Marlena" back to normal, and then she reveals she was the Sorceress in disguise. King Hiss orders the Snake Men to attack He-Man, but Snake Face mistakenly turns all his allies into stone. Then He-Man shows him his own reflection in a shield and Snake Face turns into stone too. He-Man and the Sorceress leave, but He-Man promises to return later and restore the Snake Men.

Back at the Royal Palace, the Sorceress explains to the King and Queen that she used a spell to pose as the queen and keep her safe. Adam notices that sometimes people aren't what they seem, thinking about his own secret identity.


  • Throughout the story, Sssqueeze is called "Tanglor", his prototype name.
  • There's an unidentified Snake Man who has Tung Lashor's general shape, but Kobra Khan's color scheme. Since he's never named, he could be any of these two characters.
  • In the last page, the Sorceress and Prince Adam look very similar to their Filmation animated models.

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