The Road Ripper was a vehicle released in 1984. It was a vehicle belonging to the heroes and was meant to transport a warrior quickly. The road ripper had no offensive weapons. Although the toy sold well and was repackaged with He-Man, it was never featured much in the various media. It makes a brief appearance in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe episode "The Energy Beast," where Orko is snooping around in Man-At-Arms' lab and finds its prototype and then proceeds to try it out, only to crash it in King Randor's throne room. The vehicle pops up again in the episode "The Time Wheel," where Prince Adam/He-Man and Orko use it as their transport to and from the desert. It is never referred to by name in either episode.


The road ripper toy was a small green tricycle vehicle with a ripcord that spun a wheel hidden in the back of the vehicle which would allow it to travel quickly across a smooth surface.

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