Robo-Friend is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Robo-Friend was a robot that belonged to Prince Joel of the planet Antares. On that planet, all children had a Robo-Friend to help them with their tasks.

Joel's Antarian Spacecraft was shot down over Etheria by Batmeks and exploded. Prince Joel and his Robo-Friend managed to board an escape pod and were saved by She-Ra from a hard landing.

Robo-Friend was heavily damaged in the crash, but Bow managed to put him back together, after which Joel was able activate the robots emergency power, which was still charged.

Joel was very proud of his Robo-Friend as well as almost completely dependent on it. He would not allow any of the young people at Castle Bright Moon to even touch it, though he did not mind showing the robot of. He ordered the Robo-Friend to transform into a catapult and carelessly fired off a boulder, without even thinking of the concequences.

Meanwhile, Hordak wanted to get his hands on the Robo-Friend. When Joel was invited to join a camping trip at nearby Big Ditch Canyon, Hordak sent Imp to spy and ordered him to place a little controller in the Robot to make it obedient to Hordak. Catra, Leech and Grizzlor were also on the scene to provide a distraction.

As planned, the Robo-Friend turned against it's master and flew off carrying Prince Joel. She-Ra and Swift Wind managed to rescue the boy, but the Angerian Robot was smashed to pieces against the Canyon wall.


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