For the rock-like characters from the toy line, see Rock People.
Rock Men

The Rock Men, also known as rock creatures and rock people, are a race of vaguely humanoid creatures apparently made of solid rock. They dwell in caverns deep beneath Eternia, which are rarely accessible to surface-dwellers.

Primitive and unintelligent, the Rock Men enjoy a simplistic, peaceful culture, fueled by the natural heat, light, and energy they receive from a giant bottomless pit that taps into the center of the planet. They know little of the ways of violence or fighting, as few Rock Men have ever ventured above ground to see the evil that transpires there.

The Rock Men's way of life was threatened in "Quest for the Sword," when Rabar and Togar briefly emerged in the surface world and discovered He-Man's Power Sword. Rabar believed this weapon made him a great warrior and leader, and he took the blade back underground with him to lord it over his people. He-Man and his friends managed to follow Rabar and Togar, and convinced them both that powerful weapons doesn't make anyone a leader.


In "Temple of the Sun," Nepthu creates being that appear similar to Rock Men, but are made of sand.

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