Rock people
The Rock People are people in the popular Masters of the Universe franchise. The two characters of Stonedar and Rokkon are representatives of an entire race of people whose bodies are encased in shells of rock, who can transform themselves into the forms of meteors. When in meteor form they gain the power of flight as well as near-invincibility. The Rock People are known as the Comet Warriors. Stonedar is the leader of his race; a noble and wise warrior who acts as a kind of father figure to the younger, more excitable Rokkon.


The mini-comics

The Rock People are introduced in the Mattel mini-comic "Rock People to the Rescue!", in which Stonedar and Rokkon come to Eternia specially to aid He-Man in his battles against Skeletor. Later mini-comics, such as "Escape from the Slime Pit!" show that their race had settled in a village on Etheria rather than Eternia, presumably to tie in with their appearance on the She-Ra series, and are a quiet, peaceful race, who refuse to fight back when attacked by Hordak as fighting is not their custom.


As the toy line's accompanying cartoon series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe had been cancelled by the time the Rock People's action figures were released, they instead appear on its spin-off series, She-Ra: Princess of Power. They are introduced in the episode "The Rock People" as members of a scouting party from the planet Geolon, who are looking for a new home as their planet is due to be destroyed by its exploding sun. In-keeping with their mini-comic portrayal, they are a peaceful race who refuse to fight, but are left with no other choice but to do so when Rokkon is captured by Hordak. Although initially feeling Etheria is too violent for their race, after realizing that they share a common bond with She-Ra and the Rebels desiring to live in peace, they eventually choose to settle in a peaceful region of Etheria, known as Spikeheart.

This episode features a third Rock Person in addition to Stonedar and Rokkon: the female warrior Granita, who was planned as an action figure by Mattel, but the idea was scrapped when they decided three figures with the same action feature was too many. Stonedar and Granita appear in another She-Ra episode, "The Light of the Crystal" which also introduces another female rock warrior by the name of Facet.


A Japanese toyline from Bandai called Tamagoras were released in the Masters of the Universe toyline as Meteorbs and were depicted as animals of the Rock People.