Rohad is a skilled inventor who once mentored Duncan before he became Eternia's Man-At-Arms. Rohad and Duncan collaborated on many sophisticated devices, including a "synergetic time machine." Duncan had a great respect for his teacher, crediting Rohad with saving his life many times.

In his later years Rohad lived near the Tundra Caverns with his friend Meetro. He was reunited with his former pupil when he was almost killed by a bite from a venomous dauber.


Rohad at some point took a young guardsmen called Duncan as his pupil and taught him everything he knew about science, warfare and technology. At some point, the pair worked together in the development of a special device in Rohad's laboratory which the master tactician intended to complete. Failing to accomplish the task initially, Rohad decided to sleep for the night and urged his pupil to do the same. However, Duncan desired to complete the machine and did so but it went out of control and he nearly killed had it not been for Rohad's arrival who ushered the guardsmen out of the laboratory before it exploded. Rather than tell Duncan off, Rohad was greatly pleased at him for his desire to complete the work and take risks despite the experiment failing.

Afterwards, Rohad adopted a peaceful life by the villages in order to help those in need. At one point, Meetro's grandson was lost in the wilderness whereupon Rohad decided to help find the young boy. Through his technology, he managed to find the boy lost in the caverns below ground and journeyed there in order to find him. Rohad managed to rescue the boy but was bitten by the small venomous insect which caused him to collapse and fall fatally ill. Meetro managed to take Rohad's unconscious body back to his home and sent word to Eternos of his plight. This was received by Teela who informed her father, Man-At-Arms who quickly raced to Castle Grayskull with He-Man in order to consult with the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. She told them the danger that Rohad had faced and that only Vimwood would save his life.

This led to Man-At-Arms and He-Man rushing to the Crystal Mountains to find Vimwood with which they managed to save Rohad's life.


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