Rotar is a fictional character in the popular Masters of the Universe franchise.

A member of the Heroic Warriors, he is a part-human, part-cybernetic warrior with no legs. His lower body is shaped like a spinning top, enabling him to twist mechanically along the ground at super-speed. This enables him to trick opponents and easily dodge attacks.

Character history

As one of the last figures to be released in the 1980s toy line, Rotar is one of the line's lesser-known characters and has received little exposure. The cartoon's demise means that he never got any animated screen time. The only official medium to feature Rotar is the Mattel mini-comic "Energy Zoids". In this story, he is an ordinary Royal guardsman who is critically injured in battle, and his life is saved by Man-At-Arms, who turns him into an energy zoid, using a machine he had designed to create robot warriors. Skeletor later steals the machine and uses it to create Rotar's evil rival Twistoid. Rotar also makes a cameo in Marvel Comics' MOTU issue # 12.

Mattel had also designed a vehicle called the Gyratakker which was intended to launch Rotar and Twistoid into combat. This vehicle features in the comic, but the toy line was cancelled before it could be released.

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