The Roton is a vehicle that features in the 1980s toyline Masters of the Universe and the animated television series based on the toyline, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, produced by Filmation.


The Roton is a vehicle which is used by the villains in the series. The vehicle is fitted around the circumference with razor-sharp blades. The blades whirl around as the vehicle travels. Atop the vehicle are mounted two laser guns.

The Roton vehicle features in the following episodes:

Although the Roton toy was built for only one figure to pilot it, the cartoon features it as a big vehicle piloted by several Evil Warriors.

Name Differences

In some parts of the world, Roton was released as Krotar. The toys are identical, and labels with the new name were simply placed over the old one on the packaging. This is rumoured to be for copyright/trademark reasons.

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