Sago is a creature from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Sago is the gargoyle-like pet of Lord Tyrin and Lady Valtira. His master and mistress turned him to stone as they lay down for their 200-year slumber, but he was restored to life when Lord Tyrin awoke. He-Man saved him on two occasions: once when Tyrin tried to capture him with a robotic spider, and again when he got caught under a heavy stone as the castle collapsed.

Although Sago never speaks, he seems to be more ethical than his master and mistress, as he sheds a tear when he sees Lady Valtira absorb the energy from a tree. He also shows a great fondness for He-Man, and Valtira states that Sago's trust in him is part of the reason why she doesn't try to enslave him like she did to Prince Adam.


  • The character design for Sago was reused as Batty in One for All.


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