The Scavenger is an Evil Horde vehicle that features in She-Ra: Princess of Power by Filmation.


Scavengers are multi purpose vehicles used by the Evil Horde. Equiped with large shovels to move dirt and a giant claw to grab it's targets, the Scavenger is very effective at finding and retrieving objects, even when being operated by one of the more clumsy Hordesmen such as Mantenna.

Although the vehicle usually travels along ground on tank threads, it is capable of flight and has two retractable wings on either side.

Mantenna operated a Scavenger in the Valley of the Lost to find and retrieve three meteors which turned out to be Rock People. To get there, the vehicle travelled from the Fright Zone past Pinetown, where it was spotted by Rebel spy Bigelow, who informed Rebel Leader Adora


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