Serena is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Serena is the school teacher in the town of North Land on the planet Etheria.

Although the town was under Horde occupation, Serena invited two members of the Great Rebellion, Adora and Bow to come and speak to the children and tell the truth of the Horde and the Rebellion. Unfortunately Hordesmen Leech and Mantenna were in the area, causing the visit to be cut short.

When Hordak ordered Serena to be replaced by a new teacher, Tung and all books that did not glorify the Horde be burned. Serena took it upon herself to save several important books from being destroyed and invited some of the children she was no longer allowed to teach to come to her house to read them.

A young boy named Cory, who was pro-Horde and anti-Rebellion, told the Horde about Serena's activities and had her imprisoned. But She-Ra came to her rescue and released her from jail. Unfortunately they were not in time to stop Tung from burning an enormous amount of books.

The Evil Horde's next move was round up all the children and take them to the Fright Zone for history lessons. But once again She-Ra and her rebel friends managed to stop this from happening, freeing the children from the Horde Transports and saving the entire town from burning down.


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