Shadow Wing is a villain who appears in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


A powerful dark teal skinned dragon that lived in the realm of Darksmoke on Eternia, Shadow Wing was a noted adversary of Granamyr who battled him at some distant point in the past. He held a complete hatred for the other dragons of Darksmoke and sought to destroy them. However, he was defeated and magically imprisoned within an obelisk with writings on its surface as well as legends speaking of his deeds in future years. Many years later, the wizard Zem, who was jealous that the dragon Torm would be marrying the lady Lyra, decided to unleash Shadow Wing from his imprisonment. After locating the obelisk, he confirmed its existence and called upon his magic to remove the enchantment over it. The freed Shadow Wing reveled in returning to the land of the living, but at that point the Human wizard Zem revealed that it was he who freed the dragon. An angry Shadow Wing called Zem a "human insect" and told him to prepare to meet his doom. Zem quickly asked Shadow Wing for a favor - namely, to destroy Darksmoke and its dragons - a deed in which he would aid Shadow Wing. Shadow Wing was surprised that Darksmoke still stood and declared that he would grant Zem's request. However, he also stated that Zem would not see the act being committed as he used his magic to turn Zem into a toad.

Arriving at Darksmoke, Shadow Wing was quick to announce his presence and declared to Granamyr that he had returned, whereupon he fired lightning from his mouth at the castle. But instead of the ancient red dragon challenging him, it was the young Torm who stood before him. Shadow Wing effortlessly defeated his foe by turning the younger dragon into stone and cast a spell that caused the wizard Brindle to turn to ice. When He-Man attacked him, Shadow Wing deflected his attacks and shot lightning into the Wind Raider, causing it to crash into Darksmoke. Though delighted at the destruction he caused, the crash had struck Granamyr's home and the red dragon angrily emerged in order to battle his age old foe. A surprised Shadow Wing believed that Granamyr would have perished when the craft had crashed into his home, but fought the ancient dragon. His attacks were rebuffed, and the more powerful Granamyr cast a spell that banished Shadow Wing to the Realm of Demons where he belonged.


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (classic cartoon)

Season One

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