This article is about the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power character. You may be looking for the original character.

Adora, also known as the warrior princess She-Ra, is also the main titular protagonist of the Netflix Original series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. An orphan, Adora is originally a member of the Horde and believed that they were a force for good on Etheria. When Adora finds the Sword of Protection and transforms into She-Ra, she comes to learn the truth about the Horde and turns against them. She finds a new home and family with the Rebellion, as she unites and leads a group of powerful princesses to fight evil.


Adora is hard-working and respectful girl. Back when she worked for the Horde, she was smarter and tougher than most her team mates thus leading to her becoming a captain later on. Adora thinks more with her logical side and doesn't usually make rash decisions. Shes the type of person who always likes to come prepared and on time. Unlike her childhood best friend, Catra, Adora is not lazy and relaxing is very hard for her when she knows there is work to be done.

After her defection to the Rebellion, Adora is still a girl whose basic personality is still conditioned by the austerely regimented life of a Horde soldier. As such, she finds the relatively luxurious and relaxed life with the Rebellion feels completely alien to her. For instance, Adora initially has trouble sleeping in her own private quarters considering she is used to sleeping in Horde's barracks with multiple comrades in the same room. Furthermore, Adora will reflexively follow military etiquette towards her superiors in the Rebellion and any important new experience is approached with a tactical mentality like a battle.


As She-Ra

She-Ra is imbued with super-strength and limited healing powers. She also has a connection to the ancient First Ones of Etheria.


She-Ra wields the magical Sword of Protection, which has the ability to shapeshift into a shield. The Sword of Protection also houses a runestone. She-Ra wears white and gold battle armor with a red cape.



  • Unlike her 1985 counterpart (who speaks with a British accent), Adora speaks with an American accent.