Sibyline is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Sibyline is a beautiful sorceress of the Isle of Tears, notorious throughout Eternia for her wickedness. Years ago, Sibyline helped Gorgon overthrow Danton, King of the Isle of Tears; now, tired of serving Gorgon, she offers to help the heroic warriors lay down their evil master and restore the kingdom of Danton. Despite his reputation for evil, only Orko questions Sibyline's motives; all other heroes greet her with implicit confidence. (So who do you think learns to eat their words?)

Sibyline has long, deep red hair. She wears an outfit which resembles a white-and-blue one-piece bathing suit, with gold armbands and headband. Sibyline wields a scepter that suggests a snake naja.



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