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A Slotto (pronounced 'Slowtow') is a mighty beast common to both Eternia and Etheria. Large and furry, Slotto's are easily domesticated and often used as beasts of burden by humans. A task often appointed to the creatures is pulling wagons. Slotto's come in various different shades of purple and lilac.

Once, a purple furred Slotto owned by a young Eternian peasant boy was pulling a cart up a hill when the chain attaching the cart to it broke and the wheeled vehicle began rolling down the hill at increasing speed. Luckilly, He-Man and Battle Cat arrived just in time to catch the cart as it drove itself off a steep hill. Subsequently, He-Man fixed the broken chain good as new using his tremendous strength.

On Etheria, Slotto's are often seen pulling similar carts in small villages such as Thaymor.


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

She-Ra, Princess of Power

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