Small Oak is a location from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Small Oak was a region in Etheria where the Evil Horde had set up a research base. A spy for the Great Rebellion reported to it's leaders that the Horde may be developing a new chemical weapon there.

Adora decided to check out the base together with Glimmer, who was suffering from delusions of grandure at the time. Glimmer thought herself capable enough to sneak into the base on her own, using her light powers. On the roof of the complex, she was confronted by Hover Robots. Luckily for her, She-Ra was on hand to safe her.

The two Rebels where then confronted by Catra and two Horde Troopers, who sprayed the young women with a shrinking gas developed by a Horde Scientist at the complex. The Scientist had a net and a tiny box with him to catch She-Ra, Glimmer and Swift Wind. However, the shrinking effect took some time to take hold and the Rebels managed to escape.

Once the shrinking gas did take effect, the three tiny Rebels, joined by full size Bow, returned to the complex to find an antidote. The Horde Scientist already had one on hand, having developed the growing serum even before he had perfected the shrinking one. As the full grown Rebels made their way out of the research complex, they made sure it was destroyed during their effort.


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