Snake Face is a member of the Snake Men, who has the power of turn people into stone when he exposes his snakes.

Early appearances

Snake Face first appears in the minicomic "Revenge of the Snake Men!", where King Hiss summons him and Sssqueeze from the dimension where the Snake Men are trapped. Snake Face's powers are the main focus of the comic, since he uses them against Prince Adam, Extendar and The Sorceress, who disguises herself as Queen Marlena. He-Man uses his Power Sword to revert the effect and, not long after that, in a battle in Viper Tower, He-Man turns all the Snake Men into stone, by reflecting Snake Face's power of petrifaction back at them. Snake Face also appears in the minicomic "Energy Zoids", where he transforms Rotar into stone to capture him and later makes him fight against the new Evil Warrior, Twistoid. Snake Face also appears in the Marvel MOTU comics, first in issue #8, where he is depicted as a member of the Evil Horde, and later he makes a cameo in issue #12 as a member of the recently arrested Snake Men.

Snake Face did not appear in the 1980s Filmation cartoon because it had ended by the time his figure was released.

2002 series





Face also appears in the 2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series, along with the Snake Men.

He was one of the more Human looking members of the Snake Men with a reptilian skin. This was a disguise though as he could unleash his more true snake appearance which results his eyes and hair turning into a pile of snakes. His power is demonstrated when his enemies look at him as they immediately become petrified and turn into stone.

While a potent power, Snake Face's abilities can be turned against himself because if he sees his own reflection his power then backfires against him turning Snake Face into a stone statue.

He appears much less than the other Snake Men and in an early encounter his power is turned against him by He-Man. His stone body is subsequently seen in the Eternian prison but is not released by the end of the series.

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