Snoob is a young Trollan wizard, who wears a floppy hat, a red robe and a purple scarf across his face, with his large nose protruding. He is conceited in many ways. Believes that he is the best magician on Trolla.


Snoob had successfully challenged and succeeded Montork in his role as head of the Academy of Magic. The Crimson Council made Snoob the new head of the Academy of Magic. He-Man uses the Sorceress' portal to go to Trolla, where Orko and Dree Elle sneak inside Snoob's house and discover Whiplash, who has been controlling Snoob through fear. Whiplash wants Snoob to teach him magic so that he can impress Skeletor. Whiplash's Kroom henchmen take Orko and Dree Elle away to their fortress, where Whiplash reveals that he used a ray to weaken Montork when he was competing in the duel of magic against Snoob. Spurned, Snoob joins Orko and Dree Elle. Whiplash unleashes his beast Scarg to combat the heroes, but the combined magic of Snoob, Orko, and Montork shrinks the Scarg into a harmless worm. He-Man traps the fleeing Whiplash in a treasure chest, and Montork forgives Snoob for his actions.

In the 2014 Spin-off, it is revealed he helped a 20-year-old woman named Char Whaley "cheat" on her Algebra 1 SOL and Algebra 2 course if she helps him teach him magic for his courses.


He-Ro and the Protectors of Earth (2014 Spin-off)

Of Magic and Math

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (classic cartoon)

  • Trouble In Trolla

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