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Snowflake is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Princess Snowflake (possibly a play on Snow White) is the brave daughter of the Ice Lord. As her name suggests, she has the unique ability to create snow and ice at will. However, Snowflake is vulnerable to warm temperatures, which nullify both her powers and her stamina.

Character information

One of my favorite guest females from the He-Man series is Snowflake from the season one episode "The Region of Ice". I like the fact that her character design is quite simple, yet effective. Even though she appears briefly in the episode she is given an interesting personality. That said, she can never be forgiven for not being able to distinguish the characters of He-Man and Orko!

Snowflake's outfit resembles a furry brown one-piece bathing suit with matching boots and armbands. She also wears a Viking-esque red helmet with horns and ear-guards.



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