Sorrowful is a cowardly dragon from Etheria.


Adora and Bow discover him after an incident with an underground fuel tank. Sorrowful is ashamed of his un-dragonish nature and wants more than anything to be courageous and venturesome. Adora and Bow try to help him by taking him to Castaspella, who attempts to give him courage through magic. However, her efforts fail. It's only when the Horde attacks Castaspella's kingdom that Sorrowful is able to overcome his fear. During the battle, She-Ra urges him to fight for his friends and let his love for them give him courage. With this encouragement, Sorrowful is able to face the Horde soldiers, burning their vehicles to ashes.


Sorrowful is characterized as being timid, unconfident, and pusillanimous. He is also very innocent; he doesn't seem to understand the concept of true evil. This is especially shown when he confronts the Horde. Rather than attacking, Sorrowful's initial approach is merely to ask the soldiers to leave. When the soldiers threaten to chain him up and force him to clean dungeons for eternity, Sorrowful responds that that "isn't very nice." His innocent nature is shown again in a later episode, in which Sorrowful threatens Catra with a spanking. Apparently, spanking is as aggressive as the dragon gets.

Sorrowful is also very loyal and affectionate to his friends. It is only for his friends that he is willing to face danger, although he does so reluctantly. In many aspects, his personality resembles that of Cringer, Prince Adam's pet tiger. However, Sorrowful is more innocent than Cringer is. He's also ashamed of his cowardice, whereas Cringer has no qualms with his craven nature.


Sorrowful is a large brown dragon with yellow eyes, dark brown spine, tan horns, sharp teeth, and a light brown underbelly.


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