Spikeheart is a location that features in She-Ra: Princess of Power by Filmation.


A desolate land filled with mountains and harsh rock that was situated on the planet Etheria. Spikeheart was a barren realm that was later populated by the Trolls after the Evil Horde invaded the planet. During Hordak's invasion, the Trolls attempted to join The Great Rebellion but Humans mistrusted them which led to the Trolls living in isolation at Spikeheart in order to avoid contact with both the Horde as well as Humans who they now no longer trusted. In later years, it was ruled by Agho who was the King of the Trolls. She-Ra travelled to Spikeheart in order to meet with King Agho and learn the location of the Crystal Castle so that she could save Castle Bright Moon from Shadow Weaver's attack.

Some time later, She-Ra asked King Agho to allow immigrants from the planet Geolon to move into the region. The Rock People of Geolon were a peaceful race who refused to take up arms to anyone except to defend themselves. She-Ra knew that Spikeheart was one section of Etheria where even the Horde would not dare to bother them and Agho did not refuse her request, for she had proven to be a true friend to him and his people before, helping him to defeat the Troll's ancient enemy Spider of Crystal after it had been awakened by Shadow Weaver.


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