Spinnerella is a character of the Princess of Power toyline and related franchise. Her powerful ability to create a dizzying whirlwind 'dance' seems to know no bounds.

Princess of Power

In the minicomic Where Hope Has Gone, Spinnerella uses her spinning ability against some Horde Troopers while helping She-Ra to find Light Hope.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Spinnerella and her best friend Netossa hailed from the far reaches of Etheria, beyond the reach of the Horde and were blisfully unaware of the conflict between the Horde and the Great Rebellion until they took a vacation in the village of Thaymor. After finding a place to stay, the two young women went for a bite to eat in the Laughing Swan Inn and Spinnerella asked the band of minstrells if she could dance along to their music.

Unknown to them, Shadow Weaver had been spying on them. Already aware of Spinerella's spinning powers, Shadow Weaver wanted to observe her in action to see if she could be useful to the Horde. Soon after, Netossa was kidnapped by Shadow Weaver and she and Spinnerella was brought to Hordak, who made her believe his enemies, the Rebels were behind the kidnapping. Together with a convoy of Horde Transports, Hordak and Spinnerella travelled to the Whispering Woods, where she was persuaded to let loose her powers and create a hurricane.

It wasn't until She-Ra arrived on the scene, accompanied by a recently rescued Netossa riding on the Princess of Power's steed Swift Wind's back, that Spinderella took the time to listen to the Rebels and realize she had been tricked. She then turned her powers against Hordak and later was asked by She-Ra to spin once more, but this time in reverse, to straighten out the damage she had caused to the Whispering Woods.

The two women promptly joined the Great Rebellion and exactly one year later celebrated their first anniversary in Whispering Woods by orally recounting their first encounter with the Horde and the Rebels.

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