Squonge is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Squonge is a friend Orko met at the Trollan Academy of Magic. He wears an aviator hat with attached goggles and travels in a pyramid-shaped rocket.

Although Squonge is very friendly and sociable, Orko himself says that he has an active imagination and doesn't always tell the truth. When he came to Eternia for a visit and Orko scolded him for making up stories in front of Prince Adam and Teela, Squonge went for a walk to calm down and found the Slavemaster's ship in the forest. He convinced Orko to help him capture the Slavemaster, but Orko got captured and sent Squonge to the Royal Palace to get help. Adam, Teela, and Man-At-Arms didn't believe Squonge when he told them what happened, but when he led them to the landing site and Man-At-Arms found Orko's ring, they knew he was telling the truth. He-Man was able to rescue Orko and apprehend the Slavemaster, and Squonge learned that he didn't have to make up stories to convince people that he was special.


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