Stanlan is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Stanlan is a young man who serves Melaktha, the royal archaeologist, as his assistant and apprentice. He is brave but excitable and headstrong, which sometimes causes him to disobey instructions from his mentor.

Stanlan accompanied Melaktha on his expedition to the Sands of Time to excavate the House of Darkness, but was upset when he was told to stay in the camp and write reports about his mentor's findings. While the rest of the archaeological team was asleep, he convinced Ram Man to break down the door to the House of Darkness so he could explore it. Ram Man knocked himself unconscious, and Stanlan was drawn through the door by mysterious tentacles and chased through the House of Darkness by a giant rat-like creature until he came face to face with Shokoti, who used him to lure Ram Man, He-Man, and Battle Cat into a trap. She used her powers of illusion to subdue them and prepared to sacrifice them to the Sleeping Beast. Stanlan, however, overcame his fear of Shokoti with some guidance from the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull and used the Power Sword to free them, learning an important lesson about obeying Melaktha's instructions in the process. Skeletor later used him as a pawn to steal the Ancients' Book of Spells, but Stanlan's actions proved that he was devoted to the cause of archaeology.


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