The Starchild is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


The Starchild (no other name known) is a young girl, appearing to be six or seven years old. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and wears an outfit which resembles a red one-piece bathing suit with a white star and white boots.

She has incredible magical powers, which she describes as feelings. Said powers cause a glow to appear around those she loves; the Starchild can use this "glow" to defend herself from those who would exploit her abilities for selfish ends, as she demonstrated when Willan and Palos visited the Royal Palace to settle their ongoing dispute over who should have custody of the child.

The Starchild later returned to visit the Royal Palace along with her bodyguard Bowena. She was kidnapped by Lady Arvela, who needed to show her to Angast to secure her father's release from the Realm of Evil. Angast said that he only wanted to see the Starchild, but he went back on his word and brought her to his palace along with Bowena, Arvela, He-Man, and Orko. He planned to use the Starchild's abilities to open a gateway to Eternia and invade it, but the Starchild managed to escape to the Temple of Beyond with her friends' help. She and Arvela then combined their powers to open a gateway back to Eternia and escape from the Realm of Evil.



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