Sweet Bee is a character from the Princess of Power toy line and the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

A member of the bee people, Sweet Bee piloted Scout 3 in search of a new planet for her people to settle on. When their home planet's sun went super nova, all 10.000 members of her race were forced to leave their about to be destroyed planet and board the giant colony ship The Hive.

Sweet Bee's scoutcraft was shot down by an Evil Horde Freeze ray over Etheria and crashlanded in the icy Polar Sea. The Horde sent out several Horde Destroyers and Clawdad vehicles to retrieve the spacecraft from underwater, but several members of the Great Rebellion came to it's aid. Mermista managed to rescue Sweet Bee from her ship before it was taken by the Horde. He-Man, who was there visiting at the time, was immediately taken with her, leading to jealous glances from Frosta who was also on the scene.

Together with She-Ra, the small rebel band headed to the Fright Zone to retrieve Sweet Bee's craft, for she had already told her contact on the Hive, Drone 7 that Etheria was a safe place to land. The Bee People were unaware that Hordak now knew about them and planned to enslave all 10.000 of them. Although the ship was heavily damaged, He-Man and She-Ra used their combined strenght to propel it back into space, where Sweet Bee was able to pilot it back into the Hive before it landed.

Masters of the Universe Classics bio

The MOTUC bio changed Sweet Bee's origin to her being a native of Etheria who was enhanced by magic by Castaspella. It also gave her the real name of 'Beatrice Castle', which is similar to Shadow Weavers real name in the same line: 'Beatrix'. The full bio reads as follows:

SWEET BEE: Honey of a Guide

Real name: Beatrice Castle

Enhanced by the magic of Castaspella, Beatrice gained the ability to fly through the air like a bee. As a honey of a friend to She-Ra, Sweet Bee became a trusted guide to the good folk of Etheria. She joined the Great Rebellion using her sky borne vantage point to spy on the evil Horde. After Hordak found a magical passage to Eternia, Sweet Bee followed him there along with other members of the Great Rebellion, allying themselves with the renegade Masters of the Universe. Beatrice later fought in the Second Ultimae Battle Ground and led a brigade of special forces made up of both Avion and Andreenid aerial agents. Her squad fought an assault against Viper Tower, helping to defend it from a fleet of attacking Rotons. As beautiful as she is fast, Sweet Bee flies ahead to report on enemy movement for her allies.

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