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Tarrak is a character appearing in the DC comicbook. He's the wizard of the Royal Palace, but due to old age, his spells aren't what they used to be. The few spells he does during the miniseries work, though, and his failed experiments are just mentioned by other characters.

He-Man tries to get from Tarrak one of the amulets Skeletor wants in exchange for the life of the Goddess. He-Man and Teela go to Tarrak's chambers, where he's being attacked by demons. After the Demons flee, Tarrak tells they left with the amulet.

Later, when Stratos is seen followed by Beastmen, Tarrak uses an invisibility spell on him, so te Beastmen leave.

Tarrak doesn't appear again, but is mentioned in the following issue as having made a water-breathing potion that will allow the Heroic Warriors to search one of the amulets in Mer-Man's realm.

It is possible that Orko may have been loosely based on Tarrak.

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