Tauron is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


While casting a summoning spell, Tauron conjured a storm that trapped Prince Adam, Cringer, and Orko in a Manticore's cave. The finished spell summoned both Montork and his pet Gark from Trolla, though Montork was warped into the cave with his nephew. Tauron, who had noticed that his summoning spell went awry, used his magic amulet to control Gark's mind and sent the beast to the Royal Palace, where he did the same to Montork. Tauron's new allies then launched an attack on Castle Grayskull while Orko and Battle Cat headed to his lair to confront him. They managed to destroy several of his magical items and seize his amulet, but Orko accidentally teleported him to Castle Grayskull. Montork, who was still affected by Tauron's mind control, tried to return the amulet to him, but Orko helped his uncle break free of the spell. Montork then turned the amulet over to He-Man, who destroyed it with his sword and reduced the evil wizard to a feeble old man.



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