Teela's Triumph is the 108th episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

(Ink & Paint DVD booklet description: Missing her daughter, the Sorceress decides to visit Teela in the form of Zoar, but Skeletor's latest device teleports her to an unknown dimension. With Castle Greyskull unprotected the Spirit of Greyskull requests that Teela accepts her role as the Sorceress. Skeletor sends He-Man and Battle Cat to the unknown dimension. With Eternia's greatest champion gone Skeletor begins his assault on Castle Greyskull, with only Teela standing between him and the ultimate power.)


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Man-at-Arms tells viewers to not feel bad for failure, as long as they did the best job they could do.

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"Teela's Triumph" is one of 10 fan-selected episodes to appear in a 2005 Collector's Edition DVD:

Previous Episode Based on Next Episode
The Gambler Production Order Orko's New Friend

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