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Temple of Darkness!

"Temple of Darkness!" is a minicomic from the Masters of the Universe toy line. It was included with the Tri-Klops and Webstor action figures.


Heroic Warriors
He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Ram Man, The Sorceress/Zoar
Evil Warriors


The Sorceress flies above the Sands of Time, but she circles too close to the Temple of Darkness, where Skeletor captures her. The captured Sorceress sends a telepathic message asking help to He-Man, who goes to the temple accompanied by the Heroic Warriors.

Skeletor watches the Heroic Warriors approaching and uses his scarab amulet to conjure a sandstorm, but He-Man repels it by spinning his sword with all his strength. Then Skeletor sends a giant scarab that is defeated by He-Man and Ram Man.

When the Heroic warriors reach the temple, it has no door, but He-Man uses the Power Sword to find a secret entrance. Skeletor uses the scarab amulet to conjure Time Demons, but they are destroyed by the Heroic Warriors. The Sorceress tells He-Man to get the scarab from Skeletor, so Man-At-Arms tries it, but Skeletor drops it to make it turn into a giant scarab that keeps growing, but He-Man defeats it, and it turns into an ordinary beetle. Skeletor wants to try a last trick but then the Temple of Darkness disappears, and won't re-appear for other three hundred years. Skeletor escapes, the Sorceress is free and the Heroic Warriors return to Grayskull awaiting more adventures.

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