The Temple of Serpos is a place that features in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Mike Young Productions.


This ancient religious site was one of importance to the Snakemen who had constructed it and dedicated the building to their god, Serpos. Its creation was dated back to thousands of years ago on the planet Eternia during the height of the Snakemen's empire. Located in the realm of Subternia, the Temple of Serpos consisted of giant snake statues with lava flowing from their mouths into pits below. After the defeat of King Hiss, the Temple was forgotten to the world until his release from the Void. Following his initial defeat, Hiss sought a means of becoming the supreme ruler of Eternia once more and travelled into Subternia to locate the Temple of Serpos. Using captive Calligar's as slave labor, he had the lizard men break into the Temple so that he could acquire the Amulet of Serpos in order to summon the ancient deity once more.


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