Temple of the Sun

The Temple of the Sun is an ancient temple located in the Sands of Time, on the south road from the Royal Palace. It has at times housed such powerful artifacts as the Scarab of Power and the Sunstone.

The temple was apparently abandoned at the time Nepthu discovered it while wandering in the desert. No obvious entrances into the structure were apparent, although Nepthu's knowledge of the legends surrounding the temple allowed him to find a way inside. Using the Scarab of Power, Nepthu hoped to amass the power needed to conquer the universe, with the temple as the center of his power base. However, his actions attracted the attention of He-Man, who destroyed the scarab. ("Temple of the Sun")

Following this incident, the Temple of the Sun fell into disuse again, making it a suitable hideout for Batros during his plot to steal all of Eternia's books to plunge the kingdom into chaos. ("The Great Books Mystery") However, some time later the site came to be controlled by the keepers of the Temple of the Sun, who allowed visitors to seek their permission to receive the power of the Sunstone. ("Trouble's Middle Name")

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