The Terrorclaw is a vehicle from the He-Man toyline. it's a tank-like vehicle that can rise to turn into a bipedal machine with a claw to capture enemies. It belongs to the Evil Mutants fro planet Denebria.


The Terrorclaw appears in Skeletor's Journey as Flogg's new secret weapon and is used by Slush Head and Optikk to capture the Galactic Guardian Kayo.

In Battle for the Crystal, Slush Head and Optikk use the Terrorclaw against He-Man, but they are stopped by Flipshot in the Bolajet.

In The Revenge of Skeletor!, Skeletor recovers the Terrorclaw (along with the captured Slush Head and Optikk), and uses it to defeat one of the technicians of Titus observatory. When the Galactic Guardians arrive, Flogg is awaiting them on the Terrorclaw, but Flipshot uses the Bolajet to stop him.

The New Adventures of He-Man

In the animated series, the Mutants have several Terrorclaws that they use for land battle.

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