The Beginning Part 3

The Beginning Part 3 is the third episode of the 2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series.

He-Man and Skeletor duke it out for the first time, with many lives hanging in the balance.


He-Man destroys the Doomseeker with one hand and destroys the large magmatite with one punch, thus saving Teela's life. He introduces himself to the group while Evil-Lyn brings the magmatite shower down in full force.

He-man then tears a huge chunk a ground off and holds it over his head to protect the group. Seeing this frightens the enemy forces and they tell Evil-Lyn to stop the shower, after doing that He-man throws the chunk at the enemy and tells our heroes that he needs to go save the King Randor and leaves.

Mer-Man emerges from the ground on a giant, green, fish-like creature that swallows Man-At-Arms and flies off with Teela flying after them. Inside the fish Man-At-Arms is clinging to the insides to keep from going in the digestive juices. Teela attacks the fish but can't seem to actually do anything.

He-man arrives just as Skeletor is getting ready to throw King Randor over a cliff. both He-man and Skeletor introduce themselves to each other, and Battle Cat and Skeletor's feline Panthor attack each other while He-man and Skeletor duke it out, then Skeletor decides to retreat.


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