The Bride of Slushhead is the 48th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Plot summary

Due to a bug in the new navigation unit of the Starship Eternia, the Galactic Guardians must land in the Quagmi Swamp. Because of the complete drive attached to the system, they cannot change course and fly directly into enemy forces. When they arrive, Sagitar rescues a mutant woman. It is Felca, the future bride of Slush Head. From her they learn that she and Slush Head will marry on that day.

As expected, the galactic guardians are attacked by mutants, led by Slush Head. When he sees that the galactic guardians have his bride with them, he breaks off the attack and lands with his men. When he learns that Sagitar saved her life, he feels obliged to help the guardians getting a spare part for the navigation system of the ship at Gorn City. To Flogg's horror, Slush Head invites the guardians to his wedding out of gratitude, even asking Sagitar to be his best man (which enrages Staghorn, Sagitar's sworn enemy). While Flogg is enraged, Skeletor sees a welcome opportunity to get rid of his enemies once for all.

At the wedding meeting, He-Man and his friends are expected by their worst enemies. None of them carries weapons which makes not only the galactic guardians, but also the present mutants nervous. Meanwhile, Slush Head must deal with his bride crying and everything getting worse and worse with the wedding. It even comes to the extent that they want to cancel the ceremony. As Skeletor now sees his plan in danger, he speaks with Felca and can save the situation.

As the marriage can finally begin, Felca and Slush Head tie the knot. But when they want to cut the cake, Staghorn suddenly emerges from the pastries and points a gun at the Galactic Guardians! He also provides his colleagues with their weapons. Now the galactic guardians are in a dangerous situation, because not even He-Man has his Power Sword. It may also be difficult to defend himself as Skeletor points the Havoc Staff at him and shoots. But it does not take long and the tide is suddenly turned as the Starship Eternia appears on the horizon and shoots the mutants and the Galactic Guardians are rescued.

On the way back to Primus, a Shuttle Pod crosses the path of the starship. There are Slush Head and his wife Felca! The mutant thanks the Galactic Guardians for rescuing his bride, and reminds them that they are now enemies again. Then the bride and groom exchange takes on the honeymoon...


Alcon warns Gepple to check the peephole before opening the door, to know who is at the other side.

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