The Fastest Draw in the Universe! is the title of a Masters of the Universe minicomic. It was packaged with the Rio Blast action figure. The story was written by Steve Grant and the art was drawn by Mike Vosburg.


Heroic Warriors

Prince Adam/He-Man, Orko, Rio Blast

Evil Warriors
Kobra Khan, Skeletor, Beast Man


Skeletor sends Kobra Khan and Beast Man to cause hunger to the Eternians by driving their herds off and destroying their crops, so He-Man and any other Heroic Warrior will be too weak to oppose him.

Several days later, Prince Adam and Orko are hiking in open country, when Adam falls into a trap. He transforms into He-Man, frees himself and discovers the trap was set by his old friend Rio Blast. That evening, around a campfire, Rio Blast explains that he set those traps to catch somebody who has been scaring the herds and tearing the crops. Orko tastes Rio's barbecue sauce and immediately submerges his head on a bucket of water, so He-Man decides he isn't hungry.

At dawn, our heroes are awaken by an stampede, but Rio Blast uses his built-in guns to turn the herd into another direction, helped by He-Man using the Megalaser. Kobra Khan and Beast Man, who caused the stampede, attack the Heroic Warriors, but He-Man beats Beast Man and Rio Blast defeats Kobra Khan's Lizard Men. Kobra Khan tries to use his sleeping mist on He-Man, but he blocks it with his spinning shield and then throws a bucket with Rio Blast's barbecue sauce on Kobra Khan's mouth, which makes him escape.

After the Evil Warriors leave, Rio Blast decides to have a meal with another pot of barbecue sauce he had. This prompts He-Man to tell the next time he helps out a friend, he'll make sure he doesn't cook.


  • Even though this isn't the first time Kobra Khan appears with reptile folk other than the Snake Men, it's strange to happen the same year the Snake Men were released.

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