The Galactic Guardians is the 31st episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Plot summary

The Galactic Guardians make an excursion to recover from recent fighting. Sitting around the campfire, they reminisce about past battles.

(from this point, the story is a flashback)

Flipshot and Hydron remember about a transporter ship, which was carrying poison gas and was blown off course. The entire planet Primus was in danger and so the Galactic Guardians had to act. For this mission, Hydron and Flipshot train new recruits Artilla, Spinwit, Tuskador and the previously known Sagitar.

He-Man and his friends set out the transport ship back on the right course. Skeletor and the Mutants find about this, and the Overlord of Evil immediately forges a plan to get rid of his nemesis. He decides to destroy the transport ship with all his enemies on board.

The Mutants attack the transport ship with their mothership, hoping to destroy it. However, although the scientists warn Skeletor on radio that an explosion would also harm Nordor and Denebria, Skeletor goes on with his attack and hijacks the cargo ship. He-Man and the Galactic Guardians must fight against the mutants and the robot army of the ship at the same time.

Once the scientists have corrected the course of the transport ship, He-Man and his friends defeat Skeletor, the mutants and the robot army. They return victorious to Primus in the Starship Eternia. Skeletor and company, however, must now deal with the robot guards. Primus has been saved once again by He-Man and the Galactic Guardians.

(flashback ends)

After they stop reminiscing, He-Man and the Galactic Guardians swear solemnly, always stand up for peace and the planet Primus ...


Hydron advises Flipshot to order his tools aside when he stops working, but Flipshot does not listen and promptly steps on a laser torch.


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